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Employment Law

Our Employment law Team provide what clients seek: rigorous guidance on responsible employment practices. The team has the relevant expertise to help employers arrive at sound and mutually beneficial employment policies, leveraging the deep knowledge of the dynamics of the Kenyan and international labour laws and practices. Close collaboration with the firm’s Dispute Resolution Team enables us to identify and map out the most current jurisprudential trends emanating from the Employment and Labour Relations Court of Kenya and advise clients on the developments of the law through interpretation by courts of law.

Our Employment Law Expertise

  1. Customized Policy Development: We work closely with employers to develop employment policies tailored to their specific industry, size, and unique needs. Our policies are designed to align with your company culture and values.

  2. Legal Compliance: Staying abreast of ever-evolving employment laws and regulations is crucial. Our team ensures that your policies adhere to local, state, and federal laws, mitigating potential legal risks.

  3. Fair and Equitable Practices: We help you create policies that promote fairness, equality, and inclusion within your organization, fostering a positive workplace culture.

  4. Conflict Resolution Procedures: Our policies include clear and effective procedures for addressing workplace disputes and conflicts, minimizing disruptions and potential litigation.

  5. Employee Communication: We emphasize transparent communication to ensure that employees are well-informed about their rights, responsibilities, and the company’s expectations.

Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

Our approach to crafting employment policies focuses on achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. We understand that policies that benefit both employers and employees lead to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and a reduced likelihood of disputes.

Contact us today to discuss your employment policy needs and embark on a path to a more productive and compliant workplace.

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