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Immigration Law

We offer comprehensive support for immigration related matters. We work closely with the Department of Immigration Services, Kenya, Investment Authority, and other government agencies to advise you on immigration procedures and help you meet immigration requirements. With wide experience in assisting clients with immigration matters, we help obtain short and long-term work authorizations for expatriate personnel in Kenya. We also assist non-Kenyan nationals to obtain Kenyan citizenship and permanent residence status.

Navigating immigration procedures and requirements can be a complex and daunting task. At [Your Firm’s Name], our dedicated team specializes in immigration law and offers comprehensive support for all your immigration-related matters, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with Kenyan immigration regulations.

Our Immigration Law Services:

  1. Government Liaison: We work closely with key government agencies, including the Department of Immigration Services and the Kenya Investment Authority, to provide you with expert advice on immigration procedures and compliance.

  2. Work Authorizations: Whether you’re a business seeking to bring expatriate personnel to Kenya or an individual pursuing work opportunities, we have the experience and expertise to help you obtain short and long-term work authorizations.

  3. Citizenship and Permanent Residence: For non-Kenyan nationals looking to make Kenya their permanent home, we assist in obtaining Kenyan citizenship and permanent residence status, guiding you through the application process.

At Kariuki Muriuki Advocates, we view immigration as a gateway to new opportunities, experiences, and horizons. Whether you’re an individual seeking work in Kenya or a business aiming to bring in international talent, we’re here to simplify the process and help you achieve your immigration goals.

Contact us today to discuss your immigration needs and let our immigration law experts guide you toward a seamless and successful journey into Kenya.

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