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Mediation & Arbitration services

Kariuki Muriuki Advocates has trained Arbitration & Litigation experts around who help you navigate all or part of your settlement agreement. A mediator does not take a position or give advice. They will help the parties explore their positions to reveal underlying interests, ensure the parties communicate respectfully and effectively, and help come up with solutions that the parties may not have explored yet.

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that offer individuals and businesses efficient and cost-effective ways to resolve conflicts without going through the lengthy and often expensive process of litigation. Kariuki Muriuki Advocates is dedicated to providing expert mediation and arbitration services to assist clients in reaching mutually beneficial resolutions to their disputes.


Mediation Services & Arbitration

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process facilitated by a neutral third party, known as the mediator. Our team of trained mediation experts at Kariuki Muriuki Advocates excels at guiding parties through this collaborative process. Here’s how our mediation services can benefit you:

Neutral Facilitation: Mediators do not take sides or offer legal advice. Instead, they facilitate communication between the parties, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for open dialogue.

Exploration of Interests: Our mediators help participants uncover their underlying interests, which may not be immediately apparent. By understanding these interests, parties can work towards creative solutions that address their real needs.

Conflict Resolution: Mediation allows parties to maintain control over the outcome. With the mediator’s assistance, they can craft customized, mutually acceptable solutions that may not be available through litigation.

Cost-Effective: Mediation typically costs less than going to court, saving parties time and money. It is also a faster process, as it does not involve the lengthy court procedures.

Preservation of Relationships: Mediation is particularly useful when parties wish to preserve their ongoing relationships, such as in family disputes or business partnerships.

Arbitration is another ADR process where a neutral arbitrator, or a panel of arbitrators, is chosen to make a binding decision on a dispute. Kariuki Muriuki Advocates offers comprehensive arbitration services with the following advantages:

Binding Decisions: Unlike mediation, arbitration results in a final and legally binding decision. This can provide a sense of closure to the parties involved.

Expertise: Our arbitration experts are well-versed in various areas of law and have the knowledge to render informed decisions.

Efficiency: Arbitration can be quicker than litigation, as the parties have more control over the process and can often set their own timelines.

Confidentiality: Similar to mediation, arbitration proceedings are confidential, which means the details of the dispute remain private.

Flexibility: Parties can choose their arbitrator(s) and have more control over the arbitration process, including selecting rules and procedures that best suit their needs.

Kariuki Muriuki Advocates recognizes that each dispute is unique, and we tailor our mediation and arbitration services to fit your specific circumstances. Whether you’re facing a complex business dispute, a family matter, or any other type of conflict, our team is committed to helping you achieve a resolution that meets your interests and objectives while avoiding the stress and uncertainty of traditional litigation. Contact us today to explore how our mediation and arbitration services can work for you.

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